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women sawing logs in half for water checks in yosemite
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What: Sustainable Trail Restoration
Where: Yosemite National Forest
Long Description:

OGIO was proud to partner with Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness and the Yosemite Conservancy to work on a Trail Restoration Project in Yosemite National Park.

Sustainability is a major design pillar at OGIO that we strive to implement it in our design, products, and sourcing wherever we can. That is why this project was so near and dear to our hearts.

A small group of us, around 20 or so, volunteered to spend a weekend restoring trails in the Tuolomne area of the park. This consisted of working with Climbing Rangers, Historic Reservation Specialists and Bio Engineers to learn sustainable restoration practices, identify trails that needed work, and decide what practice should be implemented in each situation. The main focus of concern was on controlling water flow through the trails. With Yosemite National Park being nestled in the Sierras, there is quite a bit of snowfall during the winter months and consequently quite a bit of snow melt in the Spring. This excess water finds its way down the mountains in multiple different ways, many of which are via the trails that climbers and hikers use during the summer months to access climbing and lookout destinations. This can cause the trails to deteriorate quickly and make it difficult for people to find and enjoy the trails.  So in our efforts to restore the trails and sustainably control the water flow, we created log ‘water checks’ from fallen trees, built walking stairs from rocks, and dug out small water canals to slow and disperse water that finds its way down the trails.

It was a long day of labor in high elevation but with the help of our OGIO hydration packs, we were easily able to keep hydrated while working. We were also able to transport our tools and safety equipment throughout the trail in our durable endurance bags. I can guarantee that each one of us involved in the restoration project felt incredibly fulfilled in being part of the sustainable education and implementation process. We will never take for granted the trails and the work that goes into making and sustaining them.

Find out how you too, can support the Yosemite Conservancy and their efforts to continually improve our beautiful National Park HERE.

Special thanks to Mesa Rim for allowing us to join them on this incredible adventure.


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