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Male in front of Snowboard Slope with 3-in-1 Jacket in Snow looking over his left shoulder in helmet googles and gloes with OGIO ALPHA 525 backpack
What: Snowboarding In My 3-In-1 Jacket
Where: Big Bear Lake, CA

ALPHA All elements 3-in-1 jacket

Long Description:

I decided to take my ALPHA All Elements 3-in-1 jacket for a day at Bear Mountain, a Snowboarding and Skiing resort in Big Bear Lake, California. The day began with sunny skies, yet cool and crisp (for a Southern Californian) temps, with weather in the low-40s at the base of the mountain. Layering up with a thermal shirt and my ALPHA All Elements jacket, I hopped on my first lift of the day. It worked great and kept me warm while the slopes were still chilly!

After a handful of runs, the sun began to shine and temps rose to the mid-50s. I was in that weird stage where I was ready to take my jacket off but still wanted to stay warm. Luckily, I took my sleeves off, packed them into the back of my jacket and transformed my Alpha All Elements jacket into a vest. The jacket’s utility provided me with the perfect amount of heat I needed to finish the rest of my day on the mountain, while being ready to warm up as temperatures cooled down.

The jacket is now a staple in my weekly snowboarding attire! I’ve gone to the mountain twice since the first day I wore it, and have braved a full-on blizzard and sub-freezing temperatures. The jacket excels in all weather and I plan to continue wearing it this season and beyond!

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