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OGIO Rider Forkner holding up hand doing third symbol
OGIO Rider Sexton doing turn in detroit
OGIO Rider Bagget crashing bike in Minneapolis number 1 of 2
OGIO Rider Bagget on ground while bike flys at him crash sequence second in MN
OGIO Rider Sexton looking at camera angrily from stage
OGIO Rider Cooper Webb looking at course with Helmet on
OGIO Rider Cooper Webb doing air over finish line doing fist bump


What: 2019 SX Season Rd. 8 Recap
Where: Detroit, MI

Rig 9800

Long Description:

Am I noticing a trend here? Our racers had an incredible showing at Rd. 8 Detroit. Things are going to get HOT in HOT-lanta as the SX tour moves in on the Super Bowl 53 Stadium on March 2nd. See you there!

OGIO Highlights

Cooper Webb:
The Webb train is still going full steam ahead!! After making some adjustments to his bike, Coop was able to pull off a 3rd round victory. Finishing second overall, Webb had a strong showing in round 8.

Blake Bagget:

BB4 had a scary crash in the Minneapolis Main event, leading many to believe he’d be absent for a few rounds. But, nope! Not only did Blake continue racing, but he finished near the top of the class! This weekend at the 2nd Triple Crown race of the season, Blake finished incredibly strong with 4-11-2 race results. One more lap and we’re thinking he may have had that top step! Keep that momentum rolling into next weekend’s Atlanta SX.

Austin Forkner:

He can’t be denied. Forkner has done it again and this time he did it in dominating fashion with 1-1-1 results. Yes, that’s right, 3 in a row and the 2nd Triple Crown race of the season. Congrats once again are in order for our wonder boy, Austin Forker! Per Yahoo! Sports, Austin “became the first rider ever to sweep a Triple Crown”.

Chase Sexton:

Chase is going to get a win here really soon. He’s too efficient, too fast, and far too poised to not stand on the top step. His preparation and serious focus have Chase exactly where he needs to be in order to make that mid-season push to the championship!

450 Overall
1. Eli Tomac 1-1-6 (Kawasaki)
2. Cooper Webb 6-2-1 (KTM) OGIO
3. Chad Reed 3-5-7 (Suzuki)
4. Ken Roczen 5-6-5 (Honda)
5. Blake Baggett 4-11-2 (KTM) OGIO
6. Marvin Musquin 9-4-4 (KTM) OGIO
7. Justin Barcia 10-7-3 (Yamaha)
8. Joey Savatgy 8-3-11 (Kawasaki) OGIO
9. Justin Brayton 2-12-9 (Honda) OGIO
10. Zach Osborne 11-8-10 (Husqvarna) OGIO
11. Dean Wilson 7-9-13 (Husqvarna) OGIO
12. Aaron Plessinger 12-10-8 (Yamaha) OGIO
13. Justin Hill 13-14-12 (Suzuki) OGIO
14. Tyler Bowers 15-13-14 (Kawasaki)
15. Chris Blose 16-15-15 (Husqvarna) OGIO
16. Justin Bogle 14-19-17 (Suzuki) OGIO
17. Ben Lamay 21-16-16 (Honda) OGIO
18. Kyle Chisholm 17-21-18 (Suzuki) OGIO
19. Ryan Breece 18-20-19 (Yamaha)
20. Carlen Gardner 19-17-21 (Honda) OGIO
21. AJ Catanzaro 20-18-20 (Kawasaki)
22. Cole Martinez 22-22-22 (Suzuki)

250 Overall
1. Austin Forkner 1-1-1 (Kawasaki) OGIO
2. Jordon Smith 2-2-4 (KTM)
3. Chase Sexton 4-4-2 (Honda) OGIO
4. Justin Cooper 3-5-3 (Yamaha) OGIO
5. Martin Davalos 5-7-5 (Kawasaki) OGIO
6. Alex Martin 10-3-6 (Suzuki) OGIO
7. Mitchell Oldenburg 6-6-8 (Yamaha) OGIO
8. Kyle Peters 11-8-7 (Suzuki) OGIO
9. Kyle Cunningham 8-11-10 (Honda) OGIO
10. Blake Wharton 9-10-16 (Honda)
11. Brandon Hartranft 7-9-21 (Yamaha)
12. Lorenzo Locurcio 13-14-11 (Kawasaki)
13. Henry Miller 12-13-15 (KTM)
14. Joshua Cartwright 14-15-12 (Yamaha)
15. Jordan Bailer 22-12-9 (Husqvarna) OGIO
16. John Short 20-16-13 (Honda)
17. Steven Clarke 12-22-14 (Honda)
18. Josh Osby 16-20-17 (Yamaha)
19. Chase Marquier 18-19-18 (Husqvarna)
20. Justin Thompson 19-17-20 (Yamaha)
21. Wilson Fleming 21-18-19 (Husqvarna)
22. Ramyller Avles 15-21-22 (Yamaha)


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