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What: 15 Years and it's Still Going Strong
Where: Brownsburg, IN

OGIO Metro

Long Description:

I have had a backpack for over 15 years and except for being a little dirty it is completely in perfect shape. All of the zippers still work perfectly; there is no material fraying and all of the pockets maintain their complete integrity. The backpack straps, emblem and all other parts are completely intact with not a single thing out of place or missing. This backpack has not only been around the world literally with me a dozen times but also has been my only backpack with which I travel for the last 15 years if not longer. (I can’t remember exactly when I bought it but I believe it was in 2002). It’s been under water, in cargo holds, outside for days, and buried in god knows what countless times. My wife tells me ‘I should get a new backpack’ but honestly I just can’t get myself to get another one!
Similarly, I have a golf bag that I have used for over a decade. Like my backpack it maintains its complete integrity with not a single thing out of place; there are no rips, tears, fraying, and all zippers work. The self-standing legs still work properly and club separators are still intact. It’s absolutely amazing!
I am not only an orthopedic surgeon in florida but also a professional race car driver. I race with IMSA in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge with the factory MINI team. As you might suspect a large part of the racing budget comes from partnering with great companies which we as drivers hold in high regard. While orthopedics is what I was trained to do, racing is in my blood and it will forever be my passion.

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