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Janelle Ginestra model photo
Janelle Ginestra with OGIO Lewis backpack
Janelle Ginestra choreographing
What: Getting To Know Janelle- Exclusive Interview
Where: Los Angeles, CA


Long Description:

Janelle Ginestra is a dance legend, co founder of ImmaBeast, Buildabeast Network and BABE, she is truly an icon in the industry. She has toured with P!nk, Jennifer Lopez, starred in the Nicki Minaj music video “Anaconda” and danced with Beyoncé during a Billboard Music Awards performance.

Not only is Janelle a dancer and choreographer, but she has also starred in movies like Alvin & The Chipmunks and Honey 2. She’s been on TV in shows like “Glee,” “The X Factor,” and “Bunheads” giving her a chance to showcase her dancing on camera. Janelle is an inspiration to many and dedicates the majority of her time to choreography and growing new talent and icons in this space. We at OGIO are proud to be partnered with her and Will and the rest of the Beast Network as they take the world by storm! We were more than thrilled to get an opportunity to talk with Janelle about what she does differently to accomplish her goals and achieve her dreams.

Where do you call home?
-Los Angeles
At what age did you start your pursuing your passion for dance?
-2 years old
What are your biggest accomplishments/milestones in your career?
-Booking my first tour with P!NK, being the lead chippette “Britney” in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2,  working with Will as beautyndabeast– for sure and lastly I would say BuildaBeast choreographing Step Up China.
Who is your biggest inspiration?
-Oh godddd this is hard. My mom, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Willdabeast, and ImmaBeast.
What do you do daily both mentally and physically to better prepare yourself for dance?
-I train my body — with weights and intervals. I train my mind with yoga, prayer, and positive thinking.
What is your goal setting process for achieving what you’ve set out to do in dance?
-Speaking into existence. If I want it, I plan on getting it. I don’t take NO for an answer.
We see you perform all the time but what would people be surprised to know or wouldn’t expect to hear is a critical part of your training regimen?
-Hmmmm that’s hard…. I try not to be so in my head. I have to force myself to be less nervous and just let go!
What goal are you currently working towards to take you to the next step in your career?
-I want to learn more about creative direction and to pave more avenues that allow me to make money while I’m sleeping.
If you could give advice to someone just starting out in your dance, what would you tell them?
-To fall in love with your identity and to always push yourself to your limit.
What is your OGIO bag of choice and why ?
-I like the new 2019 line that’s about to come out! I can’t wait for the world to see it, it’s bold and in your face. That’s how I feel I am in life.

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