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OGIO SHADOW Fuse 304 Stand Bag Winner of Golf Digest 2019 Golf Bag Hot List Gold
OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Cart Bag Winner of Golf Digest 2019 Golf Bag Hot List Gold
OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 RTC Bag Winner of Golf Digest 2019 Golf Bag Hot List Silver


What: OGIO Golf Bags Recognized in Golf Digest's 2019 Golf Bag Hot List
Where: Carlsbad, CA
Long Description:

Golf Digest hasn’t created a Golf Bag Hot list since 2014. This year, our new golf bags stood out amongst 93 total competitors and 34 finalists, receiving Gold in two categories (Cart, Carry) and Silver in the Hybrid Category. Read each bag’s full review below.

“Unlike most golf equipment, no launch monitor or wrist-to-floor measurement will tell you what’s the best golf bag for you. That’s why this year’s golf-bag Hot List—our first since 2014—is a great place to start. Ask yourself how you play most often (walk or ride) and what you like to carry (bare essentials or pack mule). We reviewed 93 golf bags to find the top 34 choices in our four categories: CarryCartHybrid, and Lightweight. Our results (listed in alphabetical order by category) include a mix of standard and lightweight carry bags, cart-only bags and bigger “hybrid” stand bags with 14-way dividers.

OGIO SHADOW Fuse 304: GOLD, Carry

If you’re carrying, the bag’s weight matters, but not as much as the comfort of the straps. Ogio’s famous for its sleek, functional backpacks, and these straps echo that heritage. Ergonomically curved and padded, they move freely and self-adjust via a rotating disc system.

OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514: GOLD, Cart

The polyester fabric of the bag is made from recycled plastics. There are 10 pockets, but if you find yourself needing more storage for any reason, there are both hard and soft pouches that you can attach to the bag. There’s a towel loop that you can attach your towel to, and the loop is attached to the bag via magnet. So when you’re walking to the green, you can just pull the towel off your bag and then it’ll lock back on with the magnet.

OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 RTC: SILVER, Hybrid

The RTC stands for Range To Cart—so you get the drift here. It has the benefits of a cart bag—like the 14-way top divider, three handles, and ample storage—but it also has an aluminum stand to make it a hybrid. To make it easier to attach and un-attach the strap, the closure has magnets in it, so it clicks together with less effort on your part. There are six different color options.”

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