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top down ogio color launch charcoal grey backpack on cinderblock background with rocks scattered through cinderblocks and on top


What: OGIO Launches Charcoal Exterior
Where: Carlsbad, CA
Long Description:

Inspired by the grit of our everyday grind, our brand-new Charcoal colorway is our toughest exterior yet.

Charcoal, in many uses, is a complementary color; there usually isn’t a meaning beyond its humble tonality. Even describes the comparable Grey as “a neutral tone between black and white” that conveys “dullness”.

Well, as you can see, there is nothing dull about our powerful Charcoal colorway. Take to the streets in this stylishly executed, durably built embodiment of the grind OGIO empowers you to endure. To Embrace.

Now available on select OGIO ALPHA Convoy products.

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