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What: Limited Edition Backpacks in the Making
Where: Carlsbad, CA

ALPHA Convoy 525 Limited Edition

Long Description:

OGIO and Jeff Staple were recently working together to create Limited Edition ALPHA Backpacks.  These backpacks were sent to a select group of ALPHA Ambassadors ranging from artists and actors, to musicians and influencers.  This is the start of a longer-term relationship with the Staple team. OGIO and Staple Design have some really exciting projects coming out in the next few years.  To kick off the relationship, Jeff wanted to introduce or re-introduce OGIO to his network of friends.  He chose to send them our new OGIO ALPHA Convoy 525 backpack, making them our first ALPHA Ambassadors. The bag is built for people who operate on the go, but the best part is that it’s made from 13 recycled plastic bottles. Real. Reliable. Responsible.












and many more.

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